Family walks

Small and big steps, family walking in Riva di Tures.

Family walking at Riva di Tures is great fun.Riva di Tures is also a popular summer holiday destination for families in the mountains. This is where small and tall hikers can find a large number of common destinations. Particularly popular is the walk to the Knuttenalm/Malga dei Dossi, which is suitable for anyone and can be walked also with prams.

Likewise popular is the nature trail of Campo di Tures, leading to some impressive waterfalls near Campo di Tures. For further tips regarding family walks please contact the Pichlerhof staff.

Finally, when you come back, we recommend you to take a cup of cappuccino and an apple strudel or a "Brettljause", which is a typical South Tyrolean afternoon snack, combined with a refreshing beer, on our sun-drenched panoramic terrace, while the little ones rage and riot in our spacious trampoline or on the playground in front of our hotel, within parents' sight. 

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